Senior citizens programme

Date & Time : 07/03/2024 - 8:00 pm


A public awareness programme particularly for senior citizens was arranged on 7th of April in vastrapur area of Ahmedabad. Residents of Chinmay Crystal flats had approached justice on trial and  requested to arrange this programme under its Jan seva Prkalp  .

The office bearer of senior citizens mandal of the society including Shri Pradip Kapoor were present. The audience consisted  of number of intellectuals including businessman, retired Public Officers, Chartered Accountants etc.

Initially Shri rajendra Shukla an I.t. engineer gave a brief account of the activities of the N.g.o i.e justice on trial.

Advocate Shri Pranav bhai sheth discussed  the provisions regarding execution of will and explained the people as to why it is desirable to execute a will and how it can be executed.

Another subject which was discussed was the senior citizens Act 2007. Shri Bharat Parikh a retired judge of the city civil court, Ahmedabad. emphasised on the necessity of knowing  the rights given by the above act to  senior citizens .

Provision regarding application for setting aside a deed of transfer executed by senior citizen in favour of his children, in case of children’s failure to take proper care the senior citizens, were discussed

Thereafter there was a question and answer session in which people, who had gathered there took very keen interest. Shri RR vasrani retired R.T.I commissioner was present, along with trustee shri Kalpesh Patel retired’ prof, shri Babriya, shri Rohit modi  etc.

Advocate Shri Jaivik bhai Bhatt and  Dharshan rajgor bhai actively participated in the question answer session and solved in the queries raised on many issues.


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